'Poltergeist' for Alexandra Midal

An epistolary project. Coming soon!

Stills from "TERRAFORMING", collaboration with Studio SWINE and Swarovski. Online soon !


visual for Marguerite Humeau's Echoes exhibition, in Cura. #19

Requiem for Harley Warren video trailer

+AM logo


subterran epic for Marguerite Humeau's "Requiem for Harley Warren / Screams From The Underworld" exhibition.

trailer for "The Opera of Prehistoric Creatures"

video for Marguerite Humeau's Cleopatra 'That Goddess' project, on Nowness.

programme (289x380mm) for the exhibition The Things ? — A Trip To Europa.

website for The Things ? / collaboration with TAR magazine (Milan).

Warped M productions logo.

Flyer for Creamcake Berlin

logo for Audi TT for the Salon de l'Automobile Paris 2014

Terreurs Filmiques

animated gif for Chloé