Le Studio Humain

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oldies but goodies: teaser image for The Things ? by Marguerite Humeau, 2013
Coming soon /Versailles/Palais de Tokyo/Marguerite Humeau/Modern Forms
Poster image for Marguerite Humeau at Haus Konstruktiv Zûrich/Otto 2017
image for Marguerite Humeau's exhibition "Riddles", Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin
music video for the NIKI NIKI track "Absence", on Jack
GARAGE magazine (coming soon)
< poster image + logo (below) for the FOXP2 exhibition
"TERRAFORMING", a series of design/Sci-Fi video, collaboration with Swarovski and Studio SWINE.
map for TERRAFORMING (Swarovski/Studio SWINE)
logo for Swarovski's"TERRAFORMING"
digital collage for Tate Britain, Source Spotlight Display 2014
Still from animation for Chloé
Audi TT logo reworked for the Paris Salon de l'Auto 2014
trailer for "The Opera of Prehistoric Creatures"
a subterranean epic
http://how-majesty-ends.com/ for Cosmos Carl
visual for Marguerite Humeau's Echoes exhibition, in Cura. #19
Requiem for Harley Warren video trailer
poltergeist for Alexandra Midal
website for Alexandra Midal
Cleopatra 'That Goddess', on NOWNESS.
programme (289x380mm) for the exhibition The Things ? — A Trip To Europa.
website for The Things ? / collaboration with TAR magazine (Milan).
Warped M productions logo.
Flyer for Creamcake Berlin
Terreurs Filmiques
animated gif for Chloé